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City Sidewalk Repair NYC

There are a great many ways that sidewalks in NYC can become cracked or broken, sunken or raised up, and all of these scenarios should be addressed as soon as possible by the property owner. A city ordinance passed in 2003 requires all property owners to take care of the sidewalk fronting their dwelling so as to keep it safe for pedestrians and youngsters who might play in the area.

Anyone who fails to live up to the terms of this ordinance can be cited by the Department of Transportation and required to conduct repairs. After a reasonable amount of time, if those repairs have not been carried out, the DOT might act to have them done on its own initiative, and then the owner would be billed for the cost of the repairs.

Local Sidewalk Repair Company

We are one of the most skilled, reputable, and reliable sidewalk repair contractors NYC that you’ll find anywhere in the region. We’ve been doing sidewalk repair NYC for many years now, and we have a great deal of knowledge and experience about the process, which helps us get the job done right the first time for our clients. If it turns out that the damage to your sidewalk is too extensive for effective repairs to be conducted, we also provide sidewalk replacement services NYC, so that an entire section of sidewalk can be completely removed and replaced.

We are licensed and insured for sidewalk repair services NYC, so you can trust that we aren’t a fly-by-night operation that you won’t hear from again after we’ve been paid. We take considerable pride in the work we do, and that shows up in the results. We realize there are other sidewalk contractors in NYC, and that’s why we go the extra mile to make sure every job we do is characterized by superior craftsmanship, and that we provide excellent customer service. That’s how we achieve a very high rate of customer satisfaction, and it’s why we are often recommended by previous customers.

Concrete & Masonry Contractors in NYC

If you’ve been cited by the DOT, or if you simply want the sidewalk in front of your premises fixed for the sake of appearances and safety, call us as soon as you can so we can visit your location and assess the situation. Our specialist will be able to determine the root cause of your sidewalk problems, and then discuss the most effective way to carry out remediation on the sidewalk. You’ll have the DOT off your back, and your sidewalk will once again be safe and usable for anyone passing through your neighborhood.

As the premier sidewalk repair contractor NYC, we can handle virtually any kind of problem which may have occurred on your sidewalk, and we’ll do the work quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us right away to repair or replace your sidewalk, so the problem doesn’t worsen into an even more costly situation that is unsafe and unattractive.

Wow. Excellent work. The owner, provided a clear explanation of the work to be done, how it would be done and a clear estimate of what was included; The office manager, made sure to keep us up to date on “what and when” things would happen. The crew showed up on schedule and was a blur of motion; everyone was always busy. We had a lot of sidewalk repair work done both the main sidewalks and the curbs. We’re extremely pleased with the work and would recommend City Sidewalk Repair NYC without hesitation.

Mark B. - Brooklyn, NY

City Sidewalk Repair NYC was great to work with. They came out quickly to give me an estimate and it was a good, fair estimate. They answered questions and was professional. The crew doing the job was on time and respectful of surrounding property. The new sidewalk replacement project in the end was of good quality.  We intend to use this company again in the future for our new sidewalk and sidewalk replacement.  Highly recommended contractor for your concrete projects in New York City.

Shelby J. - Manhattan, NY

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