DOT Sidewalk Violation

When the NYC Department of Transportation receives a number of complaints about the condition of sidewalks in any particular neighborhood, they will often send a representative to inspect that area for safety concerns. This will also happen when an unusual number of injuries are reported about any specific area in the city, where sidewalks might have missing sections, or where there is misalignment due to upheavals or to sunken sections of the sidewalk. In an effort to make those sidewalks safe for pedestrian use again, the DOT will issue notifications of a violation of the city ordinance, which requires property owners to keep their sidewalks in a good state of repair.

Efficient & Fast DOT Violation Removal

If you have been issued one of these citations, you’ll have a reasonable amount of time to have repairs carried out so you can once again be in compliance. However, if you choose to ignore the citation, the DOT will sometimes act on its own to have the sidewalk repairs done, and then they will send you the contractor’s bill so you can pay for the repairs. Legally, you will be required to pay for those repairs, since it is a requirement of the 2003 city ordinance governing sidewalk maintenance. 

The first thing you should do when you receive a citation like this is to contact a sidewalk repair contractor NYC, for instance our company, City Sidewalk Repair NYC. We have performed a great many repairs on sidewalks which were cited by the DOT, and we know exactly what is required to bring them back into compliance. When your sidewalk is re-inspected after we do the necessary repairs, you can count on passing this second inspection, because your sidewalk will be totally safe for use again by pedestrians, as well as any children who might play in your neighborhood.

DOT Removal Contractors for your Sidewalk

There are of course, other sidewalk contractors in NYC, but our sidewalk repair services NYC provide reliable craftsmanship as well as superior customer service, so you can be 100% satisfied with the results of our work. If it becomes necessary that some sections of your sidewalk have to be replaced, we also offer expert sidewalk replacement services NYC, whether that amounts to a single section or the entire sidewalk fronting your premises. We go the extra mile to make sure your sidewalk is safe and smooth, and that it has its original great appearance restored.

At City Sidewalk Repair NYC, we hope you’ll think of us whenever you need to quickly get in compliance as a result of a citation issued by the DOT. This is a serious issue which requires prompt attention, and we can give it the kind of serious effort which is needed to restore your sidewalk to its former usefulness and aesthetic appeal. Before talking to anyone else, contact us so we can provide superior sidewalk repair service that will leave your premises safe and attractive once again.

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