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You might undertake sidewalk repair in NYC so as to keep your property looking attractive, or you might need to carry out repairs because you’ve been cited by the Department of Transportation. The DOT will generally cite you if a number of complaints have been made about the sidewalk in your area, or if they’ve had reports of injuries as a result of poor sidewalk condition in your neighborhood. In most cases, a DOT representative will actually visit your area so as to determine whose property actually is involved with the poor condition of the sidewalk, and then those property owners would be cited. 

From that point onward, you’ll have a reasonable amount of time to deal with sidewalk contractors in NYC so as to have the repairs carried out. The company you should contact first is our company, City Sidewalk Repair NYC, because we know exactly what the DOT is looking for in terms of repair work, and we’ll make sure you pass the next inspection. We have done repair work for numerous clients who have received notifications of a violation of the city ordinance requiring proper upkeep of city sidewalks, and we understand what’s necessary to bring your property back into compliance.

Quality Repair Services for your Sidewalk in NYC

Our crews have had years of experience carrying out sidewalk repairs for NYC customers and we also offer sidewalk replacement services NYC in the event that your sidewalk is too badly damaged to conduct effective repairs. For the most part, sidewalks can be repaired rather than replaced, and that is to your benefit as a customer, since the extra labor and the cost of materials make complete replacement considerably more expensive than any kind of repairs which might be necessary.

Local NYC Sidewalk Repair Contractors

Our service begins with an evaluation of the damage done to your sidewalk and a determination of the cause of the damage. Once we know what caused the problems, we can take steps to avoid a repetition of that cause, so you’re not repairing your sidewalk again in a couple years. At that time, we will also know the true extent of any damage, so we’ll have a good idea about what the best approach might be for carrying out the most effective repairs. We’ll review some options with you, and once you’ve decided on how to proceed, we’ll make sure the most professional job is done to restore the usefulness and good looks of your property.

Contact us on our contractor website so we can visit your location and assess the degree of damage to your sidewalk. We’ll have an experienced and knowledgeable crew install whatever repairs or replacements which are necessary, and you’ll be free of any hassles with the DOT, and your sidewalk will once again have its smooth and attractive appearance. Be sure to keep our company card on your refrigerator, so you can call us in the future, or so you can refer us to your friends.

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