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Manhattan, NY sidewalk repair services take care of the sidewalk problems around Manhattan.  Every day 100K to a million people walk the streets of Manhattan.  They are heading to a friend’s home, to work, school, the bus, or train.  Most people get around Manhattan by foot.  The sidewalks are used a lot in this area of town and need to be well maintained at all times. We work with clients to get their sidewalks back to working order and up to code.  Many times the sidewalks have fallen into disrepair due to the climate in the Manhattan area.  The ground will freeze and heat up over and over again.  Over time this will cause expansion and contraction that will start to buckle the concrete and cause an uneven surface.

Some of these Manhattan sidewalk repairs are easy and small.  Perhaps you have a pothole that appeared and needs filled in.  However, sometimes the heaving is so bad that the sidewalk needs to be completely removed and replaced, we can do that too.  Each Manhattan sidewalk repair is custom quoted.  We will come to your location and take a look at what the cause of the damage was and also how to go about repairing it in an affordable fashion.  We understand that there is a budget but you also want the repair to last.  For some repairs, there may be a few options, but for others, there will only be one way to get it fixed.

Sidewalk Repair Manhattan

We will also take a look at what caused the repair to be needed in the first place. While many times it is age and the weather, other times it could be tree roots or something else that will need to be removed in order to ensure that the damage doesn’t come back. 

While we do offer Manhattan sidewalk repair services, we also offer other masonry work.  Our masonry work includes fixing the curbs, installing a drive, or installation of retaining walls. 

Our company has performed countless Manhattan sidewalk repairs.  We are a licensed and insured company that will be around for years to come. This is important should you have an issue or question down the road.  We are not a fly-by-night company but will be here when you need us again.  While other companies might state they repair sidewalks, that is one of our main business models.  We take the time to come out and inspect your sidewalk thoroughly but quickly. There is nothing we haven’t seen before as we have fixed miles of sidewalks in Manhattan. 

Manhattan Sidewalk Replacement

We also correct DOT violations and do brick and stonework as well.  If you have other projects besides Manhattan sidewalk repair, we can quote that while we are there as well.  We are certain that you will love working with us and will be calling us back should you find other projects that need to be completed.

Give us a call. Let’s get your Manhattan sidewalk safe again.  You don’t want to risk a lawsuit due to negligence of the sidewalk.  Safety is important as well as maintaining a nice look for the city.  That’s why they have ordinances in place, after all.  Don’t wait for the city to come down on you, be proactive and call today.

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