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We are City Sidewalk Repair NYC, your local sidewalk contractor in NYC who takes the job seriously, and goes all-out on every job to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. That’s one aspect which separates us from our competitors, and it’s what motivates us to go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy about the work we’ve done for them. Pride in our work is also a big factor for us, because we just love to turn a cracked and broken sidewalk into a smooth and attractive-looking stretch of sidewalk that is both usable and appealing.

Sidewalk Repair

Our crews have had years of experience carrying out sidewalk repairs for NYC customers and we also offer sidewalk replacement services NYC in the event that your sidewalk is too badly damaged to conduct effective repairs. For the most part, sidewalks can be repaired rather than replaced, and that is to your benefit as a customer, since the extra labor and the cost of materials make complete replacement considerably more expensive than any kind of repairs which might be necessary.

Sidewalk Replacement

Many problems which plague the city sidewalks of NYC can be handled by sidewalk repair services NYC, who can fill in cracks with epoxy or with small batches of concrete, but in some cases, damage is just too severe for repairs to be carried out effectively. Concrete sidewalks tend to last about 25 or 30 years, and if properly maintained, they can last even longer than that. However, the effects of nature can cause them to have a shortened life span which requires replacement sooner than a typical life span would indicate.

Sidewalk Patchwork

Sidewalk patch work is a low-cost type of repair that can effectively restore functionality and good appearance to your NYC sidewalk. If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer who yearns to get out there with a bag of Quikrete and handle the job yourself, you should contact us at City Sidewalk Repair NYC. We are a sidewalk repair contractor NYC whom you can have total confidence in to handle all your minor sidewalk repairs, as well as any larger jobs which might require full replacement. For those situations, we are also offer sidewalk replacement services NYC, and we can replace any number of sidewalk sections which may have been damaged on your premises.

Stamped Concrete Sidewalks

If you’re not familiar with stamped concrete, it involves a process where un-cured concrete is imprinted with some kind of design or other impression, so as to give it a more appealing look than ordinary concrete. This calls for additional labor of course, so stamped concrete will always cost more than traditional concrete, but the benefit you receive in terms of aesthetics is considerable. Many NYC homeowners have opted to have stamped concrete installed in their backyards, on walkways or on patios to provide a classy, more sophisticated look to the premises.

Sidewalk Crack Filling

When you notice any cracks which have formed in the sidewalk fronting your premises, you should have them addressed as soon as possible. They may not look very imposing by themselves, and it may not seem like they require attention, but little cracks have a way of becoming large cracks very quickly. During winter for instance, NYC will typically go through a number of freeze-thaw cycles, and concrete will expand and contract in conjunction with those changes in temperature. This is what can cause an expansion of those previously tiny cracks you noticed in your sidewalk. By springtime, it wouldn’t be surprising if your small cracks have reached the size of a huge gouge in the sidewalk.

Walkway Repair

The walkways in your backyard or around your patio may not receive the traffic that your front sidewalk will, but it is probably subject to the same stresses from Mother Nature. Seasonal freezing and thawing can create havoc with your backyard walkways, and if there are any cracks in the material, these are quite likely to be expanded because of the alternating cycles of contraction and expansion driven by temperature changes. When you notice any cracks like this in your walkways, you should contact us right away at City Sidewalk Repair NYC.

DOT Sidewalk Violation

When the NYC Department of Transportation receives a number of complaints about the condition of sidewalks in any particular neighborhood, they will often send a representative to inspect that area for safety concerns. This will also happen when an unusual number of injuries are reported about any specific area in the city, where sidewalks might have missing sections, or where there is misalignment due to upheavals or to sunken sections of the sidewalk. In an effort to make those sidewalks safe for pedestrian use again, the DOT will issue notifications of a violation of the city ordinance, which requires property owners to keep their sidewalks in a good state of repair.

Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair

There are all kinds of forces, both natural and unnatural, which can cause damage to your sidewalk and create a hazard for tripping and falling. If someone were to be injured as a result of a trip and fall on your property, you could be liable for some kind of litigation in which you are forced to pay for their medical bills, as well as some kind of punitive amount for their suffering. Needless to say, you should do whatever you can to avoid this kind of nightmare scenario, and one thing you should focus on is periodically checking your sidewalk to ensure that it’s safe for use by pedestrians, as well as any children who happen to play in your area.

Quality of Sidewalk 4000 PSI – 5000 PSI 

The kind of concrete used in pavement and sidewalks is often rated between 4,000 and 5,000 psi, which puts it in a superior class that provides long-lasting durability. This is necessary because of the high volume of pedestrian traffic that most sidewalk concrete must endure, and because it is routinely subjected to the elements of nature, which can have a degrading effect in just a few years. City Sidewalk Repair NYC always uses high-quality concrete rated between 4,000 and 5,000 psi, because we want our repair and replacement jobs to last, and because we want our clients to be fully satisfied with the results we deliver.

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