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People in Bronx use their sidewalks often.  Many walk to work, to the bus, train, or even school.  While we don’t always think about our sidewalks, it certainly becomes apparent how much we use them when they are in disrepair.  There are city ordinances in place to assure pedestrians always have a nice sidewalk throughout the Bronx area.  However, when the sidewalk is on your property, you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of that section.  Many times age is the biggest problem with our sidewalks. They take quite a beating here in the Bronx area with the weather that freezes but warms and then freezes again. This expansion and contraction over time will wear down the concrete.  However, we are happy to take a look at it and see what your best solution is.

We work with sidewalk owners to come up with an appropriate game plan that is also budget-friendly.  While we do fix and repair sidewalks throughout the Bronx area, we also offer other masonry services such as retaining walls, driveways, and porches.  There are many reasons to have a need for masonry services, while Bronx, NY sidewalk repair is one of our main services, we do work with concrete on other projects as well.

Sidewalk Repair Bronx

It is important that our sidewalks be maintained in order to ensure they are safe for those that use them on a daily basis.  Tree roots can also be a culprit in the breaking up of the concrete.  They will work slowly and get under your concrete and start to heave it up and away.  This can be very dangerous for those riding their bikes or rollerblading as well as those walking.  Catching your tow on the heavied-up pieces can cause a trip and fall and even a lawsuit.

Avoid all of this by calling today and having us take a look at your broken-down sidewalk.  It is free to get an estimate and we can go over some of the options for you as well as the time frame.  We believe that communication is key in a successful project, which is why all of our quotes will include a timeframe that you can count on.  What are you waiting for?  You don’t want to risk getting a visit from the city, as that can really jack up the costs and also waste a lot more time.  Fixing your sidewalks in Bronx has never been easier.  Call now and let’s get started before the city has time to notice. 

Bronx Sidewalk Replacement

Sidewalk repair Bronx is a service that we offer along with other masonry services. We are licensed and insured providing only professional results.  We want your sidewalk to last for years to come. Our team not only repairs the sidewalk but also curbs and areas around it.  We have been repairing sidewalks for years now and there is literally nothing we haven’t seen.  Sidewalks fall into disrepair due to many reasons.  However, if the reason still persists we will address that issue as well.  This could be things such as tree roots that need to be trimmed out of the way. 

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