Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair NYC

There are all kinds of forces, both natural and unnatural, which can cause damage to your sidewalk and create a hazard for tripping and falling. If someone were to be injured as a result of a trip and fall on your property, you could be liable for some kind of litigation in which you are forced to pay for their medical bills, as well as some kind of punitive amount for their suffering. Needless to say, you should do whatever you can to avoid this kind of nightmare scenario, and one thing you should focus on is periodically checking your sidewalk to ensure that it’s safe for use by pedestrians, as well as any children who happen to play in your area.

Remove Trip Hazards on your NYC Sidewalk ASAP

When you discover any kind of cracks or missing sections of your sidewalk, it’s best if you contact a good sidewalk repair contractor NYC, so that repairs can be carried out promptly. If this isn’t done, it becomes quite likely that any cracks in your sidewalk will broaden and get larger, and that will call for a more expensive repair. Generally speaking, the bigger the crack, the more expensive it will be to fill it in and make it safe for use again. You can also have a tripping hazard if your sidewalk has become sunken, or if it has undergone upheaval as a result of ground movement.

Avoid Bigger Issues by Removing Sidewalk Trip Hazards

The seasonal cycles of freezing and thawing can wreak havoc on any cracks or misalignments which might be present in your sidewalk concrete, and these will not slip back into place on their own. Intervention is called for from a reputable sidewalk contractor in NYC, for instance our own company, City Sidewalk Repair NYC. We can effect whatever repairs are needed on your sidewalk, and we also provide sidewalk replacement services NYC, in case your sidewalk has become too badly damaged to be effectively repaired.

Keep in mind that if your sidewalk should have the kind of damage which does create a tripping and falling hazard, it’s entirely possible that you might get cited by the Department of Transportation. It is their responsibility to inspect sidewalks which have been reported as dangerous, or which have already caused a number of injuries. If your sidewalk is cited by the DOT, you’ll have a specific amount of time to have it fixed so you can be in compliance. In that case, you should contact us right away.

If your sidewalk has a tripping hazard, it won’t be safe for pedestrians making their way across your property, and it won’t be safe for your family members either. Both of those are good reasons why you should attend to repairs as soon as possible, and do what’s necessary to bring the sidewalk back to a safe and attractive condition. Contact us right away, and we can ensure that your sidewalk will be back up to snuff in no time.

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