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Sidewalks are a major component of the outdoor spaces in Queens, NY.  Pedestrians use these sidewalks to get to and from the subway, school, work, and enjoying a basic walk.  However, many of us don’t think about sidewalk repair and sidewalk maintenance until they are pretty ugly. There are ordinances throughout the city that state they need to be maintained and in good working order.  This is not only for safety but also because they can become an eyesore.

There are many reasons that cause the sidewalks to start to break up.  Some of these are the weather, it is cold here and the freezing and thawing can be hard on the concrete as the ground underneath will move during this time.  Age can also be a factor as the sidewalk has endured the outdoor elements day in and day out.  Tree roots are another reason that you might have a mess as a sidewalk as well.  Whatever the reason, you have a sidewalk that needs to be repaired in Queens.  We offer Queens, NY sidewalk repair on all levels.  If you have a sidewalk that is crumbling or simply has some major cracks, we work with it all.  Our team of experts can work with what you have going on and make it look beautiful again.

Sidewalk Repair Queens

Rough sidewalks can be a serious safety concern. You don’t want someone tripping or falling into the street off their bike.  This can lead to lawsuits and other issues besides the simple injury.  Avoid all of this, with a simple Queens, NY sidewalk repair service.  Give us a call and we would be happy to go over what you have going on with your sidewalk and come up with a plan.  All of our quotes are free and come with a timeline as well.  We believe in communication with our clients at all times. Should we run into a snag or something messes with our timeline, we will certainly let you know.

While our main service is sidewalk repair and installation, we also possess the skills of masonry.  We offer concrete work of all kinds as well as brick and stonework.  If you have a curb issue or looking for a retaining wall we can help with that as well. 

Queens Sidewalk Replacement

Our company is certified and licensed.  We are professionals that have all the proper training and understand all the ordinances in Queens.  We are not a fly-by-night company. But, a company you can count on, even down the line, should you have questions or concerns. 

Whether you are looking to repair, replace or install your sidewalk or have some other masonry needs, we are happy to assist.  We take our time to determine what will work for your particular situation.  We install sidewalks but also retaining walls, brick and stonework, and patios, correcting DOT violations, and other masonry work.  If you are looking to improve the exterior of your place, we can help.  We love working with people to fix up their curb appeal with nice sidewalks, maybe a nice patio, or drive.  Call today.

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